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Re: Should Chakotay have been more of a "bad ass"

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Eh, in the militaries of today's world time served matters as much as competence and standing out. A career officer who's competent, even if uninspired, will steadily rise in rank to Lieutenant colonel/commander over the course of their career. They may not get a command or a prestigious assignment, but a steady rise in rank is a given.

Even Reg Barclay, with all his flaws, made commander in Endgame's future. The only exception to this is really Picard's alternate life that Q presented with him being a lieutenant junior grade for 30+ years. Which just isn't realistic and I think was just a case of Q taking an exaggerated liberty to rub a little more salt into the wound.
Though Barclay also was a Lt. junior grade for an impossibly long time as well.

Weird how that happens in Trek. People either are promoted too quickly or too slowly. Not to mention there are too many people of officer rank to begin with.
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