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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Good movie, great explosive moments, huge music and speed, some brilliant fx but massively flawed. It didn't feel like Superman but instead and mix cut and paste of other movies. Starts out a bit too Suckerpunch or Starwars style with a planet of space ships and those flying dinosaurs, and wasn't sure about the corrupt control freak councilors and dictators having the civil war on the planet, it seemed a little forced. I enjoyed Crowe and Michael Shannon. the action was fast and frantic but maybe it could have been wrote better, it didn't feel like Krypton and how many times do we have to rewatch the origins story anyways?!?!? I've been spoiled by correct Superman stories. I've watched the JLU toon, read a few comics and know Reeve so I know what works and what doesn't. most cartoon and comic fans know this toon and they know the correct Superman. I think Lois and Superman should have had more time together, that's what the Donner films did correct Zod was a minor back story in Superman-I, Lex and Lois are the main story in Superman I and when II finally comes out we see the fugitives from Krypton arrive. There were moments in the movie that seemed UN-heroic to me, by beating Zod's people he not only killed Zod but was aborting a whole planet of unborn babies, letting Pa Kent suicide himself in the tornado....I don't know what kind of advice Kent was giving him at times. He seemed a little un-heroic and the fight with seems every time Superman would punch someone innocent townspeople would feel the impact and fire of the battle or the city slickers and office workers would watch the world around them fall apart. It just felt that sometimes Superman was putting minimum effort into protecting the people, every time he punches Zod he causes another 911 WTC style collapse. I loved the fx but the final fight was both thrilling, disturbing and tiresome, and endless sequences of WTC 911 imploding buildings. A good effort but not Superman material and a far cry from the real Superman which was more upbeat, more humor and that classic theme, the John Williams musical score. It is not really Superman but more a flying version of Conan the barbarian from space, it is "C" material
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