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Re: The UES Kongo - 1:1000 Constitution

Kaiser wrote: View Post
Why is it called UES Kongo? and not USS Kongo?
I have my own little alternate universe take on Trek where, instead of the UFP, there is a United Earth Interstellar Confederation that is allied with several other starfairing powers in more of a NATO-like arrangement than the Federation.

Plus, it lets me do other things, like make a refit-Constitution to be the starship Constellation with the 1017 hull number, because in my universe ships lost in the line of duty have their hull number and honors carried forward to the next new-build ship of a similar (or better) class. No bloody A, B, C, or D!

And yes, the AMT 1:537 refit Constitution (actually a Constellation class heavy cruiser in my universe) is my next major modeling project.

Albertese wrote: View Post
That actually does look kinda cool! Reminds me of some of the transitional livery found in SotSF.
Definately an inspiration source... I grew up with those as my technical fandom of choice. I still deeply respect their work, while taking my own little playworld to a different place.

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