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Re: Is Klingon honor a bunch of hooey?

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I have sometimes wondered if Worf isn't the best representative of the Klingons, so much as he is representative of what they should be. As a Klingon who grew up "off world" he holds himself to a much higher ideal than those back on Qu'onos. Worf pretty much grew up reading all the scriptures and holds himself to them as if they're a sacred text on how a Klingon 'should' behave, whereas the high council likes to talk up honor and ritual but seldom truly practice what they preach.

As a quick n' dirty retcon we might say that they like to put on pretenses of that ritualistic old Klingon vibe for the benefit of outworlders, a kind of Disneyland Klingon Empire. But in reality the Klingons of the 24th century are a fractured lot who aren't as into all that blood oath stuff as they like to pretend. They cling on to the old traditions as a way of keeping something of themselves as a culture in the post-Praxis Disaster era, but none of them truly believe any of it anymore. Except for Worf.
This is very well argued. It is clear that humans and Klingons have a vastly different definition of honour and Worf has clearly been influenced by how he was brought up. I am sure the Rozhenkos would have enriched Worfs upbringing by exposing him tho what they believed to be the 'best of Klingon culture' - or at least what may have believed to have been the best. Ultimately, Worf would represent, or at least try to represent, the best of both worlds.
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