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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Posted by flux_29:
Posted by Q2UnME:
Worth a watch.... If Six is being "re-born" in the scene, I wonder which version we're going to get? A Basic Six 1.0, Gina 2.0 or the one that's been in Baltar's head for most of the last two years? It seemed to me more like a CapricaSix, but it was hard to get a good feel for which version.

God, I love spoilers... I'm such a spoiler whore....

acording to spoilers, it seems six is as delutional as baltar and my be she is seeing him in her head.
That would be the best.

I have been one of the many disappointed with the last couple of episodes but it really sounds like this Boomer and Six stuff could really give the show a kick in the pants.

I would laugh hysterically if there is a Cylon Six who sees Baltar in her head on Caprica.

Talk about yer soulmates.
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