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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

Beautiful. :thumbsup:

So this ship is twice the size of the Soverign class,,,,, Guess that would make it like a Dreadnought,,, cause I always thought of the Ent-E as a Battleship,,, A highly manuverable Battleship that is.

Ok Back on topic,,, So hom many torp. Launchers dos that beast have anyway?? An what do Ya reckon the Top speed is?,,,, In my limited knowledge of Trek Tech,, the Really big ships seem to be limited in their top speed,, Like the Dominion, Romulan, an the Kazon to,,,, Borg beinin the exception ofcourse cause they cheat.

Any Whos Id Imagine the I.S.S. Ares was built more for base assults an planetary seige type missions,,, an would need other ships to defend it in ship to ship type of combat because of its massive size,, an lack in manuverablity.

Ignore me if Ya want im just ramblin along here.
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