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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Wasn't the first Gulf War because of a lone foetus in a single jar?

I'm awaiting the fan edit where they splice in images of Felicia Day in her "The Guild" Codex outfit, or actually have a tiny CGI Felicia running about the movie screaming "No Zod! No! You will never catch me!" or "Hold me tighter Russell, hold me tighter down there!"

1. Zod was right. The Council brought on the Apocalypse. They mined the core, and Krypton had a month to live. They probably knew it, but wanted to avoid panic, if only that numb nuts Jor-El would just shut up and get with the program. Seriously "Avoiding a public panic" that was a frakking Drinking game for the Dennis Haysbert Administration on 24. THEY FAILED KRYPTON. Maybe you don't kill them, but there's no fucking way they should still be in power. Shouldn't the General of the Armed forces, the absolute Commander of all the military have no military opposition if he had the time to plan an orderly change of power? You know that is, if the planet wasn't a month from blowing up and he didn't have time to plan an orderly change of power? At least Zod was right until Jor-El starts wailing on about Eugenics and who the General plans on cancelling undesirable ill preforming bloodlines... Where the fuck did that come from? I think a very serious discussion about the future of Krypton was cut from the script at some point before everything was solidified. Personally we all remember 2012 with the arks and Deep Impact with the under ground colony... Or Hitch-Hikers Guide to the galaxy with the telephone sanitizers? THERE WAS A PLAN... Only Zod and Jor-El were probably not invited because they're both reactionary assholes.

2. Zod's people took blood samples. THEY HAD THE CODEX! (Ditto for Into Darkness and the 70 torpedoes full of augmented traits as medicinal as what was running about free range.)

3. Zod adapted to Earth in hours. It took Clark years and years worth of training from his parents because he's possibly retarded? Clark Kent on Smallville was definitely retarded and that's why he couldn't fly even though every other Kryptonian could fly after having spent MINUTES on Earth. So that "my parents taught me" speech was bullshit.

4. What the fuck is wrong with Amy's diction? Every time she said "Perry" it sounded like "Harry". I seriously thought they gave the Editor in Chief of the Daily Planet a new name because they were too much a pack of punk pussies to award an African American the surname of "White". Meanwhile why was Perry always screaming out to see if "Jenny" was all right? Are they ####ing? That's a bit of an age difference there? And she's an employee!

5. Guardian? Reeeeeeeeeealy. Why call him Guardian, but given him the wrong civilian name? Fuck you.
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