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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

@wildstar - I tend to keep TNG continuity separate from TOS but if I were to tackle the E-D then yeah I'd consider the deck heights as seen and work with it. Will I end up with a radically different version of the ship as presented in blueprints by Sternbach, etc? Probably so - but it would be screen accurate

@Bob - I can already tell you from a 3D perspective 7' is too short. The ladder going up I noticed recently compounds the problem of the cabin being on the outer rim of primary hull. As to the interior cabin door on the side since it doesn't open to the "Spock corridor" at best it could be only a shallow closet.

You should also include in your list of rules an asterisk for "screen accurate only in the safe areas" to clarify your new position, IMHO.
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