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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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sexist to a severe degree...
I don't begrudge your opinion of the movie, though I disagree, but this surprises me. Can you elaborate?
Well other than the standard superhero movie damsel in distress set prices which are, I suppose, to be expected with Superman (although how many times can Lois fall off things in two hours, seriously?!), the most noticeable thing that came to mind was that cringeworthy bit with the female Captain at the end. Ugh. That would have looked out of place ten years ago and left a sour taste in my mouth.
No female character added anything of value to the plot and mostly served to get in the way or get threatened - I can't think of one thing Lois did, for example, which actually advanced the plot or was useful other than as a walking memo of a man, Jor El, as all her detective stuff early on came to nothing plot wise as clark handed himself in straight away anyway. And Martha's role was largely wailing and getting in trouble.
Any of the people fighting for humanity, including Superman, would have been a "memo" for Jor-El, since he was the only one with knowledge about Krypton to impart to them. That still doesn't diminish the courage of Lois, without any powers, taking on Zod's henchmen on the ship in a firefight and saving Kal-El, passing on the details of how to send Zod and the terraforming machine back into the Phantom Zone, and going on the plane on its suicide run toward the terraformer because she had knowledge of Kryptonian technology.

That her detective skills "came to nothing" (I disagree) was by her own choice since she chose not to publish Superman's identity after learning his motives for remaining hidden. That doesn't diminish the hard work and skill she put into finding him, which by the way exceeded the government itself. Nor does it change how tenacious she was in pursuing a story; getting a court order to be allowed to go on a top secret mission to view a possible alien artifact/ship. Also, she was shown to be a person of great integrity by sitting on the story instead of publishing, no matter who might be hurt by it.

So the damsel in distress charge doesn't really make much sense to me. Can it really be called a damsel in distress when the things that are putting you in peril are all done by choice and include climbing into a crevasse and boarding an alien ship by yourself, getting into a firefight with aliens, and going on a kamikaze run into the blasted out center of a city on a cargo plane with an alien ship aboard that you intend to use to create a singularity?

Plus, Lois never gets starry-eyed over Superman. She more admires him for his selflessness, ethics, and dedication, and never throws herself at him. It's a very gradual, very low-key relationship that is forming between them built on mutual respect and admiration.

Martha Kent was the one who taught Clark to focus his senses and hone his gifts into a finely tuned instrument, and was his rock and his calming influence when he had sensory overload. She was as important to his development as his father was. Plus, I don't recall her "wailing" except at the death of her husband, which seems like it would be an appropriate time. When her house got knocked down on top of her she just brushed it off and told Clark that she was "fine."

What character on the ground, male or female, wasn't running for their lives or cowering in fear in the final battle, and how would that not be a normal response to the mass destruction going on around them? The female Daily Planet assistant (Jenny) was trapped, but so were thousands of other people, including the man and his family who Zod were going to vaporize.

Zod's second in command Faora neither got in the way or was threatened, because she was doing the threatening. Lara-El launched Kal-El's escape craft into space in defiance of Zod as he held her husband hostage, a complete reversal of the damsel in distress scenario. The female Kryptonian council leader told Zod to piss off before she got blasted.

Now the captain saying Superman was "kind of hot" was the only thing I could think of when you mentioned the movie being sexist, but still, I really don't see how a woman finding a demigod who just saved the planet attractive is demeaning to women in any way. The guy would be considered "hot" even if he weren't able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. At least they relegated the women finding Superman dreamy to a minor character and not Lois Lane this time, preferring to keep her attraction more subtle and mature. And even then, it was just an offhand comment by the captain; it's not like she was swooning and collapsing at a Beatles concert or anything.

Anyway, even though I disagree, I appreciate you taking the time to explain your position, and I hope you don't feel like I'm coming down on your opinion harshly or anything. Thanks for replying.
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