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The Tuvok shuffle

I mentioned in another thread how my wife and I are rewatching Voyager from the first episode on. We are currently in the middle of season 4. We did this same thing with TNG last year.

One thing I am enjoying is noticing some of the finer details...specifically anachronisms that have found their way into many episodes. One I have already mentioned in another thread is the tendency for someone (usually Janeway) to say "The question is..."

Another thing I've noticed is something I'll call the Tuvok shuffle. Tuvok has so many specific mannerisms that are pretty easy to imitate or make fun of. But this one in particular stands out.

Many times, you will see Tuvok say a line and then turn and walk off camera in a very specific way. A normal person typically turns their head and body and walks away naturally. If you look at Tuvok, he will keep his entire head/neck/body aligned, turn everything toward the direction is needs to go, slightly lean back and then move off screen.

It really reminds me of how a muppet would look leaving a scene. You would see the whole body of a muppet turn, slightly lean back and then abruptly move off camera.

Anyone else notice this? I will have to find some good examples.
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