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Your own dislike of the films is NOT an applicable piece of evidence here.
What evidence? I make no claim to the truth of the matter, I only expressed an opinion. And why do you assume I didn't like it?

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Why? What specifically makes you think Pegg is lying or being disingenuous?
I am only basing it on the kind of fan he is (as I perceive him). His public opinions over the years about other films and TV shows, I am extrapolating from that. Scotty's funpark waterslide in ST11 strikes me as exactly the kind of thing he would have made fun of when asked for his nerd opinion in an issue of SFX. And I'm not saying he's a liar...I just think that he just knows (as most actors do) that it's bad form to shit on a film you're in.

But I could be wrong, obviously. Every actor who was interviewed for ST11 or ST12 may honestly love every artistic decision made on the films. It's possible.
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