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Re: Why a reboot was necessary (IMHO)


I am flattered that you thought to include some of what I had written back on page 2. However, I have a question. Did you read my complete post, or did you latch onto the first sentence and ignore the rest?

I do not find fault with people rebooting a franchise. I have come to accept that this is the normal in today's Hollywood. My issue is with how it was done for Star Trek: Into Darkness. This issue is shared by others, so I am not alone in my opinion.

In my post, I mention two films - Batman and The Dark Knight. (I erred when I wrote The Dark Knight Rises; this was the film I meant.) Both films involved Batman's arch nemesis, the Joker. These films, however, went different directions with the history and depiction of the Joker. They were successful films for their day. More importantly for our discussion, the director and writers of The Dark Knight didn't feel the need to lift whole scenes from the first film, so that they could alter them to meet the demands of the new film.
I believe this is the sin that the director and writers of Star Trek: Into Darkness committed.

I won't be wading into the discussion about whether or not Kirk and Spock were friends. I don't have enough personal experience in that arena to make a qualitative judgement on their friendship.
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