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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

It's their flagship?
No - it's the Praetor's.

And in the "full-blown", republican/imperial Roman model, the Praetor isn't the head of state - he's one of the following:

- General of an army, especially in the campaign organizing phase
- Highly positioned judge
- Elected official for any of a range of duties
- Provincial governor

These folks would be highly competitive, trying to further their position and wealth by a variety of schemes, popular among them the fostering of a war with an eminently defeatable opponent.

A Praetor might well have a relatively humble flagship for his current scheme, in comparison with the standard Republican or Imperial fare. OTOH, much would hinge on the mission of this ship, and glory would be the one decisive dividend; victory or other tactical benefit would be less important.

OTOH, a successful Praetor would no doubt have a long string of flagships for his long string of schemes, the latest always being the proudest and finest...

I wonder whether this particular Praetor got a boost for his career from the successful challenging and destruction of the outposts? Or a negative response to his exposing the secret Romulan capacity for invisibility to the enemy?

Timo Saloniemi
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