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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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And he was so fucked up over that that he exiled himself into space which opened a can of worms with Mongul. If Superman could have just gotten over himself, owned what he did, Coast City would have been fine and Hal Jordan would not have decimated the Green Lantern Corps.
Guy I think you have confused things. Coast City was destroyed post-Superman vs Doomsday. Supes was dead at the time and everyone believed the Cyborg Superman was the real one. Cyborg Supes blasted through the Eradicator and decimated Coast City. Which lead to Hal Jordan going mad with grief and becoming Parallax.
No sir, I'm just stretching the timeline like taffy. The Exile, becoming a Gladiator on Warwold is when Kal-El and Mongul first met Post Crisis. During the Exile is when they learnt to dislike each other and when Mongul decided to one day sooner or later kill Superman. So, as you said yeeeeeeeeeeeeears laters Mongul is working for the Cyborg Superman Hank Henshaw and together (Hank orders him to do it, but Mongul does all the heavy lifting.) they destroy Coast City transforming it into an engine as the first step towards making a new Warworld.

If Mongul never met defeat at the hands of Superman, the Cyborg Superman would never have had the tools to make a new War world, so who knows then how he would have expressed his inner asshole during the climax of the Reign of the Supermen?

However without Coast City biting it, a lot of good stuff upstream wouldn't have happened. Which is a discussion Booster Gold had with his sister a couple years ago when they were lost in time, and had to deal with the anihilation of Coast City all over again.

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