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Re: Engineering's curved hallways

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" ... then designing the Enterprise’s interiors is up for grabs for everybody and a playground for a multitude of different interpretations."
... one of the most neat and interesting aspects of all of this?!?!

In other words, the Enterprise was fleshed out really well considering the time schedules they all worked under, but still to this day there's not really any ONE answer to exactly how its laid out, so IMHO it's really cool that everyone can participate in having their own interpretation of it. I can't stand Dr. Who but in some ways you could say the Enterprise is like a TARDIS- - you can never be sure how big it is or where everything really goes. The confusion about where everything 'fits" actually contributes to including more fans and more ideas and more creativity and on and on and on ...

It's like a benevalent screw-up that gives us more stuff to talk about for almost 50 years now!!!
The thing is, that AFAIK no one really, I mean REALLY, tried to find this ONE answer before. No one has made the effort to actually look at all the episodes and try to piece together all the visual (and audio) information into a coherent whole. When you look at Robert Comsolīs WIP thread and the solutions he came up with so far, it certainly looks like there actually could be ONE answer. If not for every single room on the ship, then probably for a general layout of all the decks as well as the placement of the more prominent rooms. And that would be a LOT closer, than anyone ever got to the "real" layout of the Enterprise as seen on screen.
Donīt get me wrong, I have no problem with fans "filling" the ship as they see fit (as FJ did) and have fun that way. But that does not mean, there CANīT be a (close to) definitive answer

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