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Re: Have You Ever Changed Your Mind...

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I used to be a leftist (bordering on socialist) first wave feminist. True story. I was so liberal that, when I go back and read old threads, I want to slap some sense into me!

What changed my worldview 180 were a few adamant conservatives who beat me over the head with logic instead of feelings.

Oh, it wasn't easy. I was holding on to my point of view, and my pedagogy, with a death grip. However, I grew tired of living in Plato's cave, and embraced what was being shown to me. I am now a moderate conservative.
As other have said, I had the opposite experience. I grew up moderately conservative (big C conservative, not that neocon crazy shit). But as my perspective expanded, I grew more and more progressive. The more books I read, the more people I met, the more places I visited, the more I thought about society and people, the more I shifted to the left. Today I consider myself a democratic socialist, and the process is still ongoing. When I look back, I see a young man with a narrow worldview, and overly preoccupied with petty issues instead of looking at the big picture. So, yeah. Perspective and all that jazz.

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Also, as I got older, I found my beliefs turning away from liberalism and more conservitive. I'm now convinced that it's an age thing. I actually saw it happen to the adults in my life when I was growing up, but, naturally, being young, I didn't understand what I was seeing. But once it started happening to me, I understood it completely.
And of course, my story and many others show that the opposite is just as true. So it definitively isn't an "age thing", except for people who want to paint the opposite stance as childlike and foolish.

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My relationship with Christ is one thing I will NOT change. Except to make it better.
I don't think you understand the meaning of "changing your mind".
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