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Just saw it and loved it. I've been skimming this thread and lot of people seem to be chanting "Superman never kills" like it's some kind of mantra, but Byrne had Superman execute three Kryptonions all the way back in 1988 in Superman # 22 (Vol. 2).
Plus, Superman presumably killed the depowered Zod, Ursa, and Non in Superman II when he threw them down in the ice pits.
A deleted scene shows the arctic police taking Luthor and the depowered Kryptonians away (alive and in custody). If the bottom of the pits are covered in deep snow, their survival is plausible.

Even if we assume they died, he didn't kill Ursa.
Deleted scene is deleted. With nothing else to think, we are led to the default interpretation that they are all three KIA.
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