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Re: Engineering's curved hallways

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Interesting idea. But I think youd have a very hard time making sense of the rows of windows in the secondary hull, which are clearly arranged horizontally.
Hi Mario. Again, welcome to the BBS. Your ideas are sensible. I said basically the same thing in the "Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited" thread! It doesn't make sense ... UNLESS you say, ironically like Franz sort of did, that all those lights aren't really 'windows' at all, but environmental system reactors (or whatever he called them --I forget exactly at the moment). That way NONE of the "windows' have to mean ANYTHING to the layout of the ship!

Cool beans.

Im pretty sure that when the filming model was built, they had windows in mind. Anything else they would probably have designed in such a way to make sure everyone knows that its NOT windows, IMHO.
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