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Re: Duotronic Computing

...In which case one really has to wonder how even Daystrom himself could up the ante to "multitronic"! Computing with bits featuring imaginary numbers? (You know, like eleventeen and twenty-twelve.)

In the Trek context, we know of "electronic", "optronic", "duotronic", "multitronic" and "positronic" now. ITRW, electronics is related to electrons and optronics to optics, and we can speculate that the connection also exists in the Trek reality (although since optronic computing today is far from established, it may be that the Trek reality never evolved it in the directions we envision today, and the word has a subtly different meaning). We have no real-world comparison to establish whether positronics would have anything to do with positrons, or perhaps positivity, or possibly positionality... IIRC, Data was never outright said to have antimatter inside his noggin.

So, do we drop duotronics and multitronics in the bin connecting the concepts with a transfer medium (in which case duo- might be related to the "duonetic field" of DS9 "Paradise" fame), or into the one connecting them with more general, philosophical approaches to computing (in which case duo- would introduce one additional "point of view" and multi- would introduce a minimum of two)?

What we probably can count on is Richard "The Great" Daystrom coining an absurdly hyperbolic and probably also singularly nondescriptive name for both of his inventions...

Timo Saloniemi
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