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Re: Engineering's curved hallways

Iīm not really sure, if youīre serious about this approach. If you are, then hereīs why I think this doesnīt make sense:

1. The windows arenīt evenly spaced. Meaning that deck heights would vary greatly, sometimes even sub-decks with a meter or so in height would be necessary to account for the window placement.

2. In-universe I donīt see the purpose to flip the corridor alignment as compared to the saucer, espcially since the hangar deck has the same orientation as the decks in the saucer.

3. Production-wise I think itīs safe to assume that if they had intended the decks to be arranged this way, they would also have flipped the windows by 90° to emphasize this.

4. As I understand it, the only reason for this approach is to account for circular corridors in the engineering hull. Robert Comsol has shown in his thread, that it is perfectly possible to include such corridors there without flipping the deck orientation.

So IMHO there really is no justification for this approach. But like I said, donīt know how serious you were.

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