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Re: Was I the only one who disliked Far Beyond the Stars?

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I love this episode, but I've always had a question regarding the breakdown scene. How does one overact a mental breakdown? People here are calling it hammy, yet doesn't that go with the territory in terms of breakdowns? I probably could have done with one less "It's Real", but other than that, I thought it brought out the desperation and sorrow really well.
I'd recommend reading a few of the other posts in this thread to get your answer. It's probably better we don't rehash this debate.

I skimmed through the posts and I'm not sure my question is rehashing what was said. Granted, it did almost get there with the whole life experience thing, but my question really is how can having an uncontrollable breakdown be hammy and what Brooks could have done to improve that performance. I've never had a breakdown, nor do I know anyone who had one, but I have to think acting a breakdown is incredibly tough to do.
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