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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x18 "Up The Long Ladder"

I just watched this episode and it occurs to me that it's all over the place.

* The Irish stereotypes make me wonder what Colm Meaney was thinking during this episode (sadly, he doesn't have Michael Dorn's excuse "I wasn't there for Code of Honor--THANK GOD").

* There's a good parable about immigration -- a society needing new blood but it's almost irrelevant given it's too literal. The Irish don't offer anything to the clone civilization but their brood mare status.

* The "clonebortion" debate overshadows everything when it's miniscule to the episode as a whole.

* The forced marriage is really-really creepy when you think about it.

* I think it would have been a more interesting episode if the Irish weren't primitive, just POOR. Such as their planet was **** and the other guys planet was rich but they didn't have the people to harvest those resources.

* The idea of "uploading memories" into adult clones is not a new one but, oddly, makes the clone question more odd. I suppose the implication is there since Riker and polaski blasting artificial wombs would have been too much at the time.
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