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Re: TNG Caption This! 317: Did you see that?

GEORDI: As you can see Captain, every ship design from the last ten years is ugly, terrible, and not even that practical.
PICARD: You mean, except the Enterprise.
GEORDI: Throw a rock at either nacelle and the ship explodes.
PICARD: Good point.

TROI: Not again! Why does every energy creature go inside ME?!

VASH: I'm only going with you to make Jean Luc jealous.
Q: That's okay. I'm going with you for the same reason.

PICARD: Hmm...very interesting scans of the spatial anomaly...phase...neutrino...
GEORDI: You're holding the tricorder upside down.
PICARD: Right.

WORF: Sure, blame the klingon!
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