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Re: My thoughts on and gripes with Star Trek Into Darkness

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I just can't see the Prime crew doing the things that the nucrew do in STID. I can't imagine Prime Kirk following Marcus' orders.
NuKirk didn't either.

And I just can't imagine Shatner Kirk ever allowing the enemy to use him as a hostage.
You can't imagine Day of the Dove, Space Seed or Star Trek V and VI?

It defies my imagination.
Your imagination is shockingly limited.

I'm also interested in the names of the sophisticated science fiction series that put TOS to shame.
Hell, compared to TOS even Stargate manages to come off as intelligent. Like I said, the 1960s didn't exactly set the bar very high.
Look I can't quote quotes but I'll address your points in order.

I don't believe PrimeKirk would have ever entertained obeying Marcus' orders. But that's just my opinion. And as others have pointed out nuKirk isn't as experienced as PrimeKirk but you asked me to put STID in TOS.

I don't believe Kirk ever allowed himself to be used successfully as a hostage. There was always either a plan or he got himself out of it with help. But nuSpock was sort of blackmailed using nuKirk. It wasn't nuKirk who got them out of the problem but nuSpock's cunning plan.

Now for Stargate. I really think thought that the series (not the movie) was a bit too silly for me. Maybe its just too sophisticated and I didn't realise.
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