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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 77; Fooling around

Kiki: You told them you were Flo from the Dominion Insurance commercials?
Daxy: My hickeys were fading.

Doctor: Ok so what you're saying is that with DS&9 we get the same old subspace that can get congested. Right? Buddy? <snap snap> This one can be slooooooooow....
Milestein: Why are you talking to me like that?
Doctor: Or there's this one, Trill Mobile, it's less likely to get slowed down because you get fifty percent more bandwidth, right? Ok, so that's <holds up fingers> FIFTY -
Milestein: Ok. We choose Trill Mobile.
Doctor: This one?
Milestein: Yea- that one, the one I pointed to.
Doctor: Do you see? The drunkard chose this one?
Milestein: Oh, we're gonna use that word. All right. Okay, let's go there. Wow.

Dukat: What’s better, saving a bunch or not saving at all?
Group: A bunch!
Dukat: Ok. What would you buy with all this money you saved?
Kiki: I’d buy a change-o machine so I could change my Odo to a puppy.
Dukat: Couldn’t you just buy an actual puppy?
Kiki: Yeah but if my Odo’s a puppy I could bring him to Ops and say, “Hey everybody, here’s my Odo-puppy!”
Dukat: Well when you say it like that it makes perfect sense.
Emissary of the Prophets: It’s not complicated. Saving is better. Now at DS&9, trade up to iPhone 5000. Get it now for 9 bars of gold-pressed latinum when you trade in your current communicator.

Nogs: His personality is so magnetic, he is unable to carry credit cards.
He could disarm you with his looks - or his hands - either way.
I don't always drink colored alien liquid - but when I do, I prefer green.

Kiki: With Actilvia, shine from the inside out -
Julie: Kill me now!

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