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Re: Would you use a transporter?

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I would never step into one. In order to work, it has to kill me (desintegrating is pretty much killing) then use my pattern to create a perfect copy of me. Screw that, I'll take a shuttle.

Of course, if it's a wormhole transporter, count me in.
So basically you want a Portal Gun.
Ummm.... who doesn't?
WOuldn't a Portal Gun violate the laws of physics, even if we had wormhole technology? I mean, let's say we had a moon a light minute away. I fire a portal at the wall next to me, and a portal at the moon.

Now, at the end of Portal 2, we saw that the portal you fire takes time to travel to its destination, because it took about a second to travel to the moon. That's fine and as it should be. But when you step into a Portal, you are instantly coming out the other side. Doesn't this violate the "nothing can travel instantaneously" thing? If the moon is a lighht minute away, then it will take the Portal a minute to reach the moon once you fire it. But then, when you step into the other portal on the wall next to you, shouldn't it also take a minute before you come out the other side?
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