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Dorian Thompson
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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

How is Don retreating into the fetal position twice in response to Sally and Peggy's condemnation of him going to play out? Is he going to fling himself off a balcony?

I'm starting to wonder how Don's story can turn out any differently. He's too damaged, too scared, too insecure, and the world has passed him by. He's a dinosaur at 45. He can't be happy in a marriage. He's compelled to fuck it up. When a woman like Dr. Faye comes along who could actually make him happy, he throws it away for an image and then blames the image when she can't live up to the pedestal she was placed on. Don doesn't know how to be a father, either. What can become of him at this point?

He's doomed to die in the gutter if something drastic doesn't happen.

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