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Re: Have You Ever Changed Your Mind...

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J. Allen wrote: View Post
Wow! It's wonderful to see someone have such similar changes to my own. When I became more honest (as you put it) with myself, I thought for all the world that I was either stepping into a new world of opportunity, or right off a cliff. I couldn't decide, and I certainly didn't know what to expect at the time. Just as an aside, I also read "Conversations with God," though at the time, I was in ultra-fundamentalist mode, so I say the book as heretical.

Anyhoo, I am glad you have emerged a stronger person, one who is more honest with yourself. It's a great feeling. It's like removing an anvil off your chest. I hope you don't mind a hug, because you're getting one.


Also, to tsq, what a good idea for a thread!
Thank you for the hug. A hug back to you! It is a good idea for a thread. I shared more with that open-ended question than I ever thought I would share online. It's nice that it was well-received, not ridiculed.
I know what you mean. I don't talk to my extended family very much, about anything (they like to argue), but here I'll open up to just about anything!

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My relationship with Christ is one thing I will NOT change. Except to make it better.
Ours was fine for a while, but then he said that he needed some space, so I gave him the universe. Messiahs love universes.
I think heaven is what you make it. When I close my eyes for the final time, I hope to wake up standing in a grassy, breezy, sunlit field, a green tennis ball at my feet, and a little black lab, with a white diamond on her chest, running right towards me.
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