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Re: Vengeance Weapons (Spoilers, maybe)

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It was my assumption that Spock carried all that Red Matter because that it's only stable enough to transport in larger quantities. I don't see how his being a suicide mission would factor into the amount carried?
Because he was originally supposed to use ALL of it. Jellyfish, in that case, was basically a giant manned torpedo with the red matter as its warhead.

You are correct that Kirk's line about Spock cheating makes more sense if his time travel were intentional as per the earlier script. But I think the missiles mentioned were swapped for phasers in the final draft
I don't think any "final draft" was ever actually written. This is also more or less the case with TMP, where huge parts of the ending had to be completely re-shot and even the script for the original ending was never entirely finished. Parts of the changes in ST09 were done in post production (watch Pike's lips when he says "And you know of this Romulan attack how?" the word you're looking for is "escape") and parts were doubtless done off-script with lines being pitched from the director's seat.

Spock's meltdown and torture/beat down on the Romulan ship were...
Planned, and possibly even filmed, but ultimately omitted for brevity.
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