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Re: Alt Story Idea-Borgified Alpha Quadrant. What is Data's role?

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Idea for an alt-history short story is the wrong forum? Okly-dokly.
It's a rule of the Treklit forum that posting story ideas is a no-no because there are authors among us who might get into legal trouble if someone claims their idea was stolen etc.
Thank you for the explanation.

That's actually kind of funny, cause in addition to the idea, I was going to say..."I know some writers frequent these boards, and I'm an idea man, not a writer so...steal away", but thought that was kind of hubristic. But the more I think about it, the more I like it. so. Steal away.

I'd say Data could turn himself off and on as a means of time travel, but that smacks too much of a 70's Superman story AND a short story wherein a time traveler can only go forward and not backwards. In both stories, Supes and the time traveler just keep going and going and going...

edit: And I apologize for the no-no.
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