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Re: Is TAS worth watching in my complete Star Trek marathon?

I missed TAS in its original run (born Nov 71). I knew it existed, I hadread about it in Bjo Trembles Concordance and I had read a few of Alan Dean Foster's Captains Logs. I was so excited when Nickelodeon showed TAS in the mid to late 80s. I was amazed at how similar the animation style was to Filmations Flash Gordon, which I faithfully watched. I always will have a soft spot for TAS. My wife even gave me the DVD set one anniversary.

What I don't understand is why nobody seems to notice that TMP stole just as much from TAS One of Our Planets is Missing as it did TOS Changeling. A large space cloud threatens to destroy a Federation planet. The Enterprise flies to the center of the cloud where Spock mind melds with the intelligence behind the cloud.
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