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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

Hey what do ya know? Of all the places to run into your husband on the net. Juni is my other half. I never got to watch TNG when I was younger because you just didn't watch trek in my family without some ridicule.. and that's from parents. My friends were all trekkies though, so I got it through osmosis.

I started watching Voyager in college...because once again all my friends were trekkies, but was interrupted when I had to move to Finland because I met that pesky Juni guy.

They've shown tng, ds9 and voy here on Finnish tv, but never the entire run of any one series. They'll show a season or two of something here or there and always at different times. No Enterprise here, and I'm not even sure they completed the tng, ds9 or voy runs either.

Only way to see it is on dvd... which we're doing now.

Seeing so many episodes of something at once, the plot you can follow, but episode names? Not-so-much. I'm sure we'll remedy that on the second and third times.
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