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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

Boy, would I have been happy if that had actually been the case! Everything did not revolve around them. Everything revolved around Kirk, Spock, Khan, Adm. Marcus, bringing in Carol Marcus, and there was some Scotty.

But this is the part that gets me out of what you've said:

You are asking to bring in another character paramount to the story (not including an villain and/or antagonist, and recurring minor characters) to an IMHO already crowded assemble.
Yeah, but adding in Khan/Harrison, Admiral Marcus, Carol Marcus was doing just that. So, you've already defeated your own point there. Out of Khan and Adm. Marcus, both didn't have to be villains, but they were both added as such, not just one like Nero in the last film, and neither part was minor. And Carol was added in a way that at least suggests that she's not supposed to be a minor character.

I think if just half of the effort put into defending the status quo for TOS were put into making something actually updated and fresh that boldly went in its own direction, wouldn't that be something!
Had a lengthy rebuttal even though I agree with a lot of your points - but I'm afraid you'd think that I was totally disagreeing with you - so I'll hold off (maybe edit it the response some more). It also feel as though I'm defending STiD maybe too much - I really love the movie, warts and all (including Bechdel Test failure) so I tend to smooth over the rough spots and not have such a critical eye. I really like these threads though, because it allows me to remember and possibly rethink Trek.
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