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4) Talk about destruction. I thought Vengeance crashing into San Francisco and killing thousands of innocent people (and star fleet personnel and resources) was trivialized but metropolis???? HOLY SH*T!!! Likely tens if not hundreds of thousands were killed in the final battle (including several square miles of a major urban city and whatever was around that part of the Indian Ocean that was hammered to dust) and at the end its all . . . "Back to work people! Welcome to the Daily planet! If you look out he window you can see the collapsed buildings of dozens of major skyscrapers marking the final resting places of thousands of innocent citizens . . . would you like some coffee Clark?"
Yeah, they probably should have done a better job of addressing that I think. Even a simple line saying that most of the area had already been evacuated would have been fine (although that obviously would have required a lot more time than the movie allowed).

Still though, I can't say it bothered me that much while watching. This is still very much a comic book movie, and in the end we're only watching CG buildings getting destroyed by CG energy beams. And I don't remember much agonizing over the loss of life at the end of Avengers either (even if it was at a smaller scale, surely there would have been hundreds if not thousands of people killed during that invasion-- and that sure wasn't acknowledged).
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