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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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Was the name "Metropolis" used in the movie? Didn't notice.
It was on a card the first time you see the city - there were other location cards throughout the movie as well. I think it was in the lower left, so it was easy to miss, especially if you were watching in 3D or IMAX. It may have been said somewhere else, but I remember the card for sure.

TheMurph wrote: View Post
I love big dumb action in movies sometimes. Heck, for the last part of the Avengers I had a big stupid grin on my face as our heroes did battle. That is a long action sequence done right. However, it's been downhill from there for me. IM3, ST ID, big "epic" action sequences that left me wishing it would be over after 10 minutes. This is the problem with Man of Steel. I kept waiting for the big epic battle, the Avengers moment if you will. What I saw was one long punch fest, bouncing from one to the next. I was bored, and I was waiting for it to be over. Action for the sake of action doesn't do it for me in movies.
You know, I think this is a really good criticism of the action. Avengers did a great job of action that built, and where there were moments in the action that reinforced or forwarded character arcs. MoS's action sequences were a good deal more monotonous. When you start at 10, you don't have anywhere to go...

marillion wrote: View Post

Loved the take on the story and even the twist of Lois knowing early on, who he is... That way we can dispense with the back and forth and "romantic tension" between the two of them... Amy Adams was fantastic as the strong willed, kick you in the balls reporter.. But why, exactly was she on the transport plane at the end?? I realize that part was plot convenience theater, but really? I guess the justification being able to "get the story" was enough...
Actually, there was a justification for that one - AI Jor-El told her how to configure Kal-El's birth ship to recreate the Phantom Zone. That's why she and the scientist are working on the ship in the cargo hold. The plot contrivance is why Faora walks up to her at Kal-El's surrender and says "Zod wants this one too." I don't think it's ever explained why Zod would have the foggiest notion who Lois is, much less want her to come along. But she has to be there to have AI Jor-El tell her how to create the Phantom Zone.

KGator wrote: View Post

6) I liked Kevin Costner's portrayal of Pa Kent but thought the script did him a disservice. I felt that when Clark asks his father if he should let his friends and classmates just die that . . . "Well . . . maybe" is a piss poor response. Clark you are so important, much more important than those other children or any other humans around . . . don't you understand that? I mean for goodness sakes Jonathon, Clark already made the choice so try to be a little nurturing and understanding? I expected him to respond "No, of course not but you have to be careful to make sure no one sees you." Well . . . I guess I was wrong because I got the "Let the lil bastards die Clark. It's better to live with the guilt than possibly get caught and face a more difficult life. It's not like Clark was putting his own life in danger to save lives but rather that he might get caught.
I don't think it was quite as simple as "you might get caught". If you're secretly raising an alien child as your adopted son "you might get caught" means: knowledge of your existence might cause a world wide panic, and get you picked up by the military and dissected.

Jonathon seemed largely concerned with how radically knowledge of Clark's existence might change the world and he was plainly worried that the reaction would be one of fear and panic, especially given Clark's god-like powers. That's big enough stakes to at least give a passing thought to letting a busload of kids die.
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