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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

davejames wrote: View Post
I do have to say, the explanation given for how Zod escaped the Phantom Zone was a bit weak. So the planet explodes and somehow that results in the relay station thingy blowing up as well?

Um, okaaay.
You think that if Earth's core imploded and the outer layers exploded it wouldn't screw up our satellites and space station?

And with all the advanced technology we saw (both here and in the prequel comic), it does seem a bit strange that the people of Krypton wouldn't have been able to escape the planet long before it exploded (of course that kind of applies to the original comic as well).
That was the whole point, that for all their advanced technology, they were done in by their own shortsightedness. They tapped the core for energy, destabilizing it and eventually causing its implosion, against Jor-El's recommendation. They refused to heed Jor-El's warning that the planet's core would implode and that they should return to the stars, thus dooming their race to extinction. Even Jor-El's own wife, Lara, said "Jor-El was right" as the planet was blowing up in front of her, making it obvious that there was plenty of doubt about the veracity of his claims until it was too late to do anything about it. Zod was the only other significant player on Krypton who bought into Jor-El's theory completely, but he went about trying to save his people in the wrong way.

Captrek wrote: View Post
Given Jor-El's plan, it makes sense that he would want to summon any Kryptonian survivors once his son had paved the way for them to be accepted. He either failed to anticipate that Zod would escape the Phantom Zone, or failed to anticipate that Zod would reject his plan in favor of planetary genocide as a matter of convenience.
Jor-El didn't know that Zod was sentenced to the Phantom Zone, because that happened after Kal-El was launched into space and Zod killed Jor-El. Jor-El probably just figured Zod would be killed along with everyone else when the core imploded.
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