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Re: Federation vs The Dominiom: The Rematch.

Remember this is a hypothetical rematch scenario on how others would've run things differently.

Also android and hologram rights should only extend to sentient life forms. Recall the VOY episode "Author, Author", which delved into the stupid with his "Holographic rights" message. If you start assigning rights to every thing mechanical then you would have "replicator rights", "trasnporter rights", "sonic shower rights". This if it's run by computer it's sentient is absurd. Drone ships would only be obligated to fly, and fight. Just like probes in Trek are directed to gather and transmit data and no shouts slavery at the use of them because they are not sentient.

As we see in the Dominion War, Federation principles get thrown out the window for the sake of victory. Section 31 and Starfleet using the morphogenic virus, Sisko collaborating in an assassinating a Romulan to get the Romulan empire involved in the war. It's easy to remain principled when your way of life isn't threatened. In war things degrade to an us vs them scenario and winning is all that matters. How you win all matters as well. I don't think all the Federation families and Starfleet officers would've rejected proposals to have ships run by computers in place of themselves or their loved ones.

Like today. The only complaint people have against the use of drones is the potential for civilian casualties and killing American citizens who have joined the enemy forces.
In space against the bred Jem'Hadar and the Vorta clones. I don't people would bat an eyelash over them being killed by computers if it meant security at home and reduced loss of life.
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