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Re: TOS: The Shocks of Adversity by W. Leisner Review Thread (Spoilers

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I have to wonder how the Federation would handle two autonomous systems within its borders going to war with each other and having the fighting spreading into Federation shipping lanes.
Again, if the Trek universe were remotely realistic about the scale of space, the odds would be immensely against that happening, since the volume of those spacelanes would take up an infinitesimal percentage of the volume of space and thus the odds of any accidental intersection would be equally infinitesimal. Realistically the only way any ship is likely to intersect with another ship or a populated area is if it intentionally approaches it. Now, that could draw combatants to a populated star system if they had use of its resources, but beyond such logical nexus points, there's vanishingly little chance of an accidental encounter in deep space.
True, but that is not the way the iterations of Star Trek has ever treated it. The Enterprises or Voyager were running into random ships all the time. They seemed to portray space as 2 dimensional, and very small, even when speaking of great distances.

Now Firefly.. they got the vast empty-ness of space right.
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