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Re: Why a reboot was necessary (IMHO)

Hugh Mann wrote: View Post
If a movie requires you to watch it several times before you like it, then it's a crap movie.
That's so silly I had to take a few seconds to reboot my mind before answering. Seriously ? Many movies you'll like LESS after watching more than once. Does that make it a great movie ? I'd rather a movie that grows on me, like many Trek movies, than movies that I appreciate less and less, like The Dark Knight.

Your comparisons are meaningless since you compared unlike things--a movie is neither a drink nor a song.
Yeah, but by that logic NO comparison can ever work, because you necessarily compare things that aren't each other. Otherwise it's not a comparison.

I'll add my own example: music. Music is the kind of thing that grows on you over years. You can find a piece of music quite mediocre on the first listen, but ten years down the road you love it. Movies can also be like that.

wjaspers wrote: View Post
Bullshit. You do not rewrite/reboot Mozart-Bach-Beatles-Elvis, just to please new fans.
That's not what he said. He said you can rearrange a franchise to make the product more marketable, while retaining enough of its original "spirit" to appeal to the old guard.

You not became a trekkie because the show was cool.
I did.

The only reason why I watch movies and television is because I want to be entertained. Thinking, I can do on my own, and I don't need anyone to try to imprint morality onto my brain. Trek should stick to entertainment.
And that's my opinion.
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