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Re: what do people want star trek 3 to be like

-Brett- wrote: View Post
People wanted Khan, and Khan turned out to be the weak link in the movie. So now I want them to ignore what people want.
chardman wrote: View Post
-Brett- and a few noisy others didn't want Khan, and yet Khan has turned out to be one of the best screen villains in recent screen history, and most of the audience members who've been interviewed about it cite both Khan and the actor who played him, as virtually making the movie. So from now on, I want tptb to continue to ignore what Trekkies like -Brett- want.
The "People wanted"/"what people want" thing is sort of annoying, but nonspecific enough in most cases not to be a major problem. Could have been better-phrased, though.

The "-Brett- and a few noisy others"/"what Trekkies like -Brett- want" is quite specific and unnecessarily personal. chardman, you really ought to know better than to take pokes like that, and I'd like not to see anything of the sort again.
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