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Re: Why a reboot was necessary (IMHO)

Cadet49 wrote: View Post
Trek had lost some of that "adventure" element over time ... it became about politics, and diplomatic negotiations that get interrupted, or studying quasars, or preventing a war through impassioned speeches ... all of which were important elements of TOS, but they weren't the core focus, in my opinion - the focus was on exploring, and bizarre or unusual sci-fi adventures!
Unfortunately that gets old and dry real fast. They were already running out of ideas in TOS, and after TNG that was 10 years of episodic stuff. It didn't leave much for VOY and ENT to work with.

throwback wrote: View Post
The argument in favor of a reboot is dealt a serious blow I think when the writers have to resurrect scenes from a older movie to complete their new movie.
No, it's not. Just because you think your franchise needs a reboot doesn't mean you don't get to play with its past a bit.

The Wormhole wrote: View Post
Personally, I found the STID version had no emotional resonance since the entire time I'm thinking of "Wow, they're doing this? Seriously?"
Maybe thinking that was the cause of you finding no emotional resonance in it. Just a thought.

mos6507 wrote: View Post
It's phoney emotionalism. The only reason it works is because people play back the scene from Khan in their heads. It doesn't stand on its own, nor does it suit a story of two glorified cadets who have barely really gotten to bond.
I'm sorry but that's just not true.
And that's my opinion.
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