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Re: what do people want star trek 3 to be like

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People wanted Khan, and Khan turned out to be the weak link in the movie. So now I want them to ignore what people want.
From what I gathered, people EXPECTED Khan, but didn't neccessarily WANT Khan.

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Cumberbatch is a far more versatile and talented actors than Montalban was. I quite enjoy WOK and I remember seeing it at the cinema in 1982. Was watching TOS for about a decade by then. And I still prefer 2013 Khan to 1982/1967 Khan. So your attempt to speak for more than yourself fails (as it does all the other tiresome times some posters here do so).
Now let's not shit on the actor just to elevate some film. For a hispanic actor born in the 1920s, Montalbans body of work in American TV and film is absolutely incredible.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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