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Re: So are we finally seeing the waning days of Facebook?

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Makes me think we're starting to see the dawn/return of a generation that actually realizes that keeping shit to themselves and online privacy are good things.
I don't understand the appeal of Facebook - never have. I have zero interest in reconnecting with anyone in HS or college - other than the people I already have.

And I don't have any interest what people are having for dinner - when they walk their dog - or what they bought at the grocery store.

For people who, "facebook," all the time - and ask for my non existent account - my answer is - "I don't play that game."

Teenagers are smart to not do it. More and more employers are checking facebook as a way to background check potential new employees and applicants.

Anyone posting their last big party - crazy moment - and may be looking for employment - is an idiot.

Good riddance to facebook IMO
Could not agree any further.
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