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Re: what do people want star trek 3 to be like

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-Brett- and a few noisy others didn't want Khan, and yet Khan has turned out to be one of the best screen villains in recent screen history, and most of the audience members who've been interviewed about it cite both Khan and the actor who played him, as virtually making the movie. So from now on, I want tptb to continue to ignore what Trekkies like -Brett- want.
Except that the Khan of 2013 didn't compare to the Khan of 1982. People who think Cumberpatch is the greatest thing since sliced bread only do so because he's a recent character portrayal.


Cumberbatch is a far more versatile and talented actors than Montalban was. I quite enjoy WOK and I remember seeing it at the cinema in 1982. Was watching TOS for about a decade by then. And I still prefer 2013 Khan to 1982/1967 Khan. So your attempt to speak for more than yourself fails (as it does all the other tiresome times some posters here do so).

As for what I'd like in the next film? More of the same in terms of fun and entertainment. As for specifics--something unknown that may or may not be hostile that forces the crew to work with an enemy (doesn't matter which one) to resolve the problem. Allows for action, adventure, exploration, a bit of philosophy and a less earth-centric story (a minor gripe I have with the two films so far). I also want another mid-stream opening adventure--it's the best way, in a movie series, to suggest a broader background for the characters.
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