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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 77; Fooling around

Thanks for the win!

Male Fan: When I demanded proof that the spots go all the way down... this is not what I had in mind!!!

Somehow it was fitting that the Zombie Apocalypse started at Quark's...

O'brien: Hey.. Ezri passed out.
Bashir: What happened?
Quark: Oh sorry... I meant to put the roofie in Kira's drink.
Kira: Oh so you wanted to have your way with me Quark.... well now I'm going to have my way with you...
Quark: Oh hell.. if you need me I'll be in my storage room securing the ah... something.

Quark: No belief in the afterlife, belief that everyone should serve the state, no property, no acquisition of wealth...
Rom: These Soviets don't seem very nice.
Nog: I don't recall reading much of them from Earth's history. I remember some obscure reference in the short chapter titled Non-Western History.
Quark: Other than the whole torture and gulag thing, they seem very similar to the Federation hew-mons though.

Bashir: Oh yeah... we had a great time. Highly recommend the mirror universe, Commander. The Intendant can't say no.. if you know what I mean.
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