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Re: Starlog Magazine

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Awesome mag, for it's time! I got my first ever fan-made blueprints through them, which led me to discover Star Station Aurora. I'll never forget getting the Excelsior blueprints in the mail- - totally professional! They could of been on store shelves right next to the "official" sets,and they looked awesome on my bookshelf sitting next to the TMP ones.

I can even see the old ad listings in the "Trading Post" with these downloads! Isn't free stuff from the internet GREAT!!!!
I miss those days. I got fooled by Starship Design. I thought it would be a monthly (fictional) publication--when it was even more than that--a fictional monthly publication--not like the Starship collection from the UK in that there was only one Starship Design.

Stupid me tried to subscribe to it.
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