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Re: VOY Caption Contest 109; A Small Ship

JANEWAY: Look. This planet has a drink almost identical to coffee, but even richer and darker!
TUVOK: That may be so, but it would be illogical to trade all our dilithium for...
JANEWAY: Too late.

CHAKOTAY: I'm glad Seven has become a member of the crew, but why did you put her in that outfit?
JANEWAY: To torture Kim.
KIM: Uhhh....

TOM: You can never tell Sam that Naomi broke into my liquor stash.
SEVEN: Where are you taking her?
TOM: To sickbay. After the Doctor cures her hangover I need you to erase his memory of it.
SEVEN: I'm not sure you've thought all this through.

B'ELANA: And then I found the two of them in the cargo bay.
JANEWAY: Can someone please find a time anomaly so we can reset this romance?

Tom and Harry in the moooorning!
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