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I do have to say, the explanation given for how Zod escaped the Phantom Zone was a bit weak. So the planet explodes and somehow that results in the relay station thingy blowing up as well?
I figured maybe the station was powered or controlled by something on Krypton, and when Krypton blew up, it busted the jail wide open. Or something.

And with all the advanced technology we saw (both here and in the prequel comic), it does seem a bit strange that the people of Krypton wouldn't have been able to escape the planet long before it exploded (of course that kind of applies to the original comic as well).
They had already depleted a lot of their resources, so it's possible they simply didn't have the means to evacuate a whole planets' worth of people. Or maybe they didn't have anywhere to evacuate to. You can get a bunch of people on a spaceship, but where do you go from there?
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