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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 77; Fooling around


Kira: A threesome?
Trill male: Six-some.
Dax: Actually, we were thinking about a seven-some.
Kira: Goodbye.

Few people know that Barcalay Protomorphisis Syndrome also spread to DS9. Here we see O'Brien and Bashir beginning to devolve into a chipmunk and a sloth.

Every week, the senior staff pretends to like Worf's poetry, and every week, they find it more and more difficult.

Quark: So what was your name again?
(Offscreen): Roddenberry. Second Lieutenant Gene Roddenberry. I'm in the Air Force.
Rom: Brother, what are you doing?
Quark: Call it instinct. I think if we can convince this man of the wonders of free enterprise, we can change all of Earth's history.

When Bashir heard what Kira was like in the alternate universe, he got a brilliant idea.
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