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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

@ blssdwlf

I checked the 1966 cabin studio set blueprints and at an outer height of 7' there'd still be space between the outer hull and the top of the cabin set's curved ceiling beam where it hits the backside wall of the cabin (at a height of approx. 6'6").

Interestingly, the director of "Amok Time" (Spock's cabin would have been an outer one) made mostly sure that we didn't see the space above the ceiling beam and regarding this shot I need to add that the overscan of TV sets in the 1960's would have cut the visible excess area in the upper right corner off (did the Thermians use TV sets with or without overscan?).

I think this example just re-affirms what a genius Walter Matt Jefferies was. Why build three different cabin types if you could all get them for the price of one?
  • The angled back walls of the cabin set with windows could suggest a cabin on E-Deck 12 (e.g. "Mudd's Women", "The Enemy Within", "The Man Trap")
  • Exposing the whole height of the cabin set gives you a cabin in the inner area of the main decks
  • Using the camera and stay within the "action safe" area while not showing (on your TV set home, then) what's above the beams gives you a cabin at the outer edge of the saucer.

P.S. Deck 6 is finished, but now I need to write the text comment before publication. Stay tuned!
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